6th Consecutive Year — TCG and TSDA Boot Camp 2015

Chapel Hill, NC

The Chamberlain Group was again honored to contribute products for this intensive course for incoming cardiothoracic surgery residents. With the use of simulation, the course provides training and hands-on practice in the latest cardiothoracic surgical techniques, allowing residents to

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be better prepared when entering the operating room in their home programs. At the invitation of the TSDA Boot Camp program directors, The Chamberlain Group provided Heart Cases and Vessels. Our versatile Heart Case trainer allows for repeat practice of a variety of skills including coronary artery bypass grafting (both proximal and distal anastomoses), aortic cannulation, end-to-side anastomosis on small vessels, and mitral valve procedures.

“‘New cardiothoracic surgery residents gain an intense experience in the specialty, under the watchful eyes of top surgeons from across the country,’ said Jonathan C. Nesbitt, MD, a Boot Camp program director from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn. ‘This experience leaves a lasting impression and provides the residents with the ability to learn in a controlled, low-stress environment. Such an experience cannot be matched.’”

On behalf of TSDA, we would like to thank The Chamberlain Group for its generous contribution of equipment and supplies to the 2015 TSDA Boot Camp…. The Chamberlain Group’s role as a product supplier was essential to the program’s overwhelming success, a

nd your support is deeply appreciated.

— George L. Hicks, Jr. MD., James I. Fann, MD, Richard H. Feins, MD,
Nahush Mokadam, MD. and Jon Nesbitt, MD. Boot Camp Program Directors

Residents at the TSDA Boot Camp 2015 practice anastomosis on Heart Case from The Chamberlain Group.

Vessel anastomosis practice in  Heart Case Trainer (#1351) at TSDA 2015.