Life-like Hearts with Replaceable Coronary Vessels Allow Cardiac Residents Repeat Practice of Anastomosis


CABG HEARTS for Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Training

CABG sites in the epicardium of mimetic-tissue heart

Suturable artery segments embedded in the epicardium of our CABG Hearts allow repeat practice of coronary vessel anastomosis.

Results may be preserved and presented to mentoring faculty for review and progress assessment. Each of these Native Coronary Artery segments may be used a number of times and then replaced, allowing years of training with a single heart. All our CABG Hearts are realistic soft heart models with  highly detailed exteriors, extended vasculature and lifelike atrial appendages.

Replacement Native Coronary Vessels and suturable Graft Vessels (representing a harvested internal mammary arteries or saphenous veins) are available in a number of different durometers and diameters.



feature a detailed interior consisting of four hollow chambers with ventricular septum, trabeculations and papillary muscles. Annuli for the four heart valves are present. Does not include valve leaflets.


is a durable option for procedures not requiring access to the heart chambers. These models feature soft, solid-filled ventricles and atria, extended aorta, inferior and superior vena cavae, pulmonary arteries and veins, and atrial appendages.


our patented Beating Heart technology accurately simulates systole/diastole and allow control of heart rate. These hearts require, and are animated by, our Beating Heart Controller and a regulated source of compressed air. (Wall air, if regulated to 70 psi, may be used.)


indicates the product package includes a Beating Heart Controller and an Air Compressor.


represents a patient of average body type (adult about 5’7″ [170 cm] or less). Heart is approximately 5″ [127 mm]atria to apex X 3.5″ [89 mm] wide X 3″ [76 mm] anterior to posterior.


represents a patient with a larger body type (adult over 5’8″ [173 cm]). Heart is approximately 8″ [210 mm] from atria to apex X 4.5″ [114 mm] wide X 4″ [102 mm] anterior to posterior.


designed for use in our MICS Thorax Trainer to provide a realistic environment and access for minimally invasive mitral valve repair, annular ring placement, and CABG procedures. Replaceable Left Atria feature options for delicate Prolapsed Mitral Valves with (or without) Chordae and Papillaries, or healthy valves.


feature replaceable and suturable Right Atria and Aortas which accept cannulae placement, suturing, and pressurized fluid flow to 180 mm-Hg. Aorta is configured to allow cross-clamping and antegrade cardioplegia introduction.


suturable, replaceable Native Coronary Artery segments embedded in the epicardium of a CABG Heart—allow repeat practice
of coronary vessel anastomosis.



Heart (Patent) with CABG Sites (#1253)

Heart (Non-patent) with CABG Sites (#1260)

CABG Beating Heart (#1295)

CABG Beating Heart with Ancillary (#1339)

Larger Adult CABG Beating Heart (#1431)

Larger Adult CABG Beating Heart w/ Ancillary (#1450)

MICS Mitral CABG Heart (#1390)

MICS Mitral CABG Beating Heart (#1427)

MICS Mitral CABG Beating Heart w/ Ancillary (#1413)

MICS Mitral Larger Adult CABG Heart (#1406)

MICS Mitral Larger Adult CABG Beating Heart w/ Ancillary (#1407) 

MICS Mitral Larger Adult CABG Beating Heart (#1412)

Cannulatable Larger Beating Heart + CABG Sites (#1451)

Cannulatable Larger Heart + CABG Sites (#1455)