MICS Thorax and MICS Mitral CABG Hearts Brochure

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Realistic Mimetic Anatomy for Deliberate Practice of MICS CABG and MIS Mitral Valve Procedures

  • Intercostal or Sub-Xiphoid Approach
  • Thoracoscopic IMA Takedown
  • Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting
  • Mitral Valve Repair or Replacement
  • Annuloplasty

MICS Thorax Trainer anatomy was developed from patient CT data and is the most immersive
simulation trainer available for MICS mitral valve and CABG procedures.
Replaceable chest walls contain flexible ribs (4–8), with appropriate intercostal spaces, embedded in
mimetic tissue. Chest walls support incision, device placement, and the use of MICS rib spreaders. Hearts
tether magnetically to diaphragm and collapsed lungs to maintain appropriate anatomical relationships
within the thoracic cavity. The trainer base accommodates multi-angle positioning.

MICS Mitral CABG Hearts and Beating Hearts
Present an immersive solution with appropriate pathologies for mitral valve repair, annular ring
placement, and anastomosis. They feature Replaceable: Left Atria, CABG sites, and Pericardia to
allow repeatable trainings with fresh anatomy and years of use with a single heart.

See brochure for more details.

Life-like Hearts with Replaceable Coronary Vessels Allow Cardiac Residents Repeat Practice of Anastomosis


CABG HEARTS for Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Training

CABG sites in the epicardium of mimetic-tissue heart

Suturable artery segments embedded in the epicardium of our CABG Hearts allow repeat practice of coronary vessel anastomosis.

Results may be preserved and presented to mentoring faculty for review and progress assessment. Each of these Native Coronary Artery segments may be used a number of times and then replaced, allowing years of training with a single heart. All our CABG Hearts are realistic soft heart models with  highly detailed exteriors, extended vasculature and lifelike atrial appendages.

Replacement Native Coronary Vessels and suturable Graft Vessels (representing a harvested internal mammary arteries or saphenous veins) are available in a number of different durometers and diameters.



feature a detailed interior consisting of four hollow chambers with ventricular septum, trabeculations and papillary muscles. Annuli for the four heart valves are present. Does not include valve leaflets.


is a durable option for procedures not requiring access to the heart chambers. These models feature soft, solid-filled ventricles and atria, extended aorta, inferior and superior vena cavae, pulmonary arteries and veins, and atrial appendages.


our patented Beating Heart technology accurately simulates systole/diastole and allow control of heart rate. These hearts require, and are animated by, our Beating Heart Controller and a regulated source of compressed air. (Wall air, if regulated to 70 psi, may be used.)


indicates the product package includes a Beating Heart Controller and an Air Compressor.


represents a patient of average body type (adult about 5’7″ [170 cm] or less). Heart is approximately 5″ [127 mm]atria to apex X 3.5″ [89 mm] wide X 3″ [76 mm] anterior to posterior.


represents a patient with a larger body type (adult over 5’8″ [173 cm]). Heart is approximately 8″ [210 mm] from atria to apex X 4.5″ [114 mm] wide X 4″ [102 mm] anterior to posterior.


designed for use in our MICS Thorax Trainer to provide a realistic environment and access for minimally invasive mitral valve repair, annular ring placement, and CABG procedures. Replaceable Left Atria feature options for delicate Prolapsed Mitral Valves with (or without) Chordae and Papillaries, or healthy valves.


feature replaceable and suturable Right Atria and Aortas which accept cannulae placement, suturing, and pressurized fluid flow to 180 mm-Hg. Aorta is configured to allow cross-clamping and antegrade cardioplegia introduction.


suturable, replaceable Native Coronary Artery segments embedded in the epicardium of a CABG Heart—allow repeat practice
of coronary vessel anastomosis.



Heart (Patent) with CABG Sites (#1253)

Heart (Non-patent) with CABG Sites (#1260)

CABG Beating Heart (#1295)

CABG Beating Heart with Ancillary (#1339)

Larger Adult CABG Beating Heart (#1431)

Larger Adult CABG Beating Heart w/ Ancillary (#1450)

MICS Mitral CABG Heart (#1390)

MICS Mitral CABG Beating Heart (#1427)

MICS Mitral CABG Beating Heart w/ Ancillary (#1413)

MICS Mitral Larger Adult CABG Heart (#1406)

MICS Mitral Larger Adult CABG Beating Heart w/ Ancillary (#1407) 

MICS Mitral Larger Adult CABG Beating Heart (#1412)

Cannulatable Larger Beating Heart + CABG Sites (#1451)

Cannulatable Larger Heart + CABG Sites (#1455)


Perfusion Beating Heart Trainer Brochure

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Complete Your Team and Bring the Virtual Patient Off the Screen for Emergent Cardiopulmonary Bypass Training. Our Perfusion Beating Heart Trainer with Cannulatable Beating Heart makes physical the physiological data expressed by your Perfusion Simulator, reproducing the movement and rhythm of the patient’s cardiopulmonary system within a ventilateable and operative anatomical torso.


Pocket Vessel Anastomosis Trainer Brochure

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Developed in conjunction with the Thoracic Surgery Directors Association (TSDA), the Pocket Vessel Anastomosis Trainer provides surgical learners with a platform for deliberate practice of anastomotic skills in a safe, repeatable environment. This compact and convenient Trainer fits into the resident’s lab coat pocket and can be used outside of the simulation lab environment.

Improved Perfusion Beating Heart

Cannulatable and suturable new beating heart, offered with or without CABG sites for off-pump or arrested heart anastomotic procedures, allows for antegrade cardioplegia introduction. Developed as an upgrade to our Perfusion Beating Heart Trainer.

A highly detailed, mimetic tissue heart model with extended vasculature and accessible atrial appendages, our Cannulatable Larger Beating Heart is sized to represent a typical patient in the clinical population. The Right Atrium and Aorta are suturable, cannulatable and can be easily replaced. A vent in the Aortic Root allows for antegrade cardioplegia introduction. The heart can be provided with CABG sites for off-pump or arrested heart anastomotic procedures.

The Perfusion Beating Heart Trainer as an adjunct to, and informed by, a perfusion simulator, physically reproduces the movement and rhythm of the cardiopulmonary system. It allows control of fluid flow between arterial and venous cannulae as well as air flow and cessation of flow to the lungs. Perfusion Beating Heart Trainer consists of a detailed, mimetic tissue beating heart within an anatomical torso representing a fully retracted sternotomy. Lungs and airway are also included.

The visual and tactile stimuli our trainer provides aim to improve clinical skills retention in trainees. Interaction between the surgical team, anesthesiologist and perfusionist in this real-time, immersive learning experience fosters the development of teamwork and communication skills along with clinical facility.

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VATS Trainer for Explant Left-Side

Accommodates porcine explants for skills development in thoracoscopic lobectomy and lung resection in a realistic human thoracic context for lifelike VATS training.

Derived from patient CT data, the VATS Trainer for Explants Left-Sided is a hemi-thorax with all pertinent landmarks for thoracoscopic lung surgeries. The trainer presents a patient in a lateral decubitus position with exposed anterior and posterior thoracic wall. The replaceable skin/muscle element supports trocars and is comprised of our renowned mimetic tissue. Ribs may be palpated beneath the soft tissue for procedural port placement. The trainer is equipped with a tray to capture tissue effluence and is easily disassembled for cleaning.

Trainer Includes:

Rigid hemi-thorax in lateral decubitus position providing a shoulder landmark and access to the left anterior and posterior thoracic wall
Incisable and replaceable skin/muscle element (#8013), allowing palpation of the ribs for port placement
Hemi-ribcage with retractable ribs, derived from patient CT dataset
Base with diaphragm, spine, and fluid drain
Effluence tray
Shipping case

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MICS Mitral CABG Heart

MICS Mitral CABG Heart (#1390)

Our new MICS Mitral CABG Heart is designed to provide a realistic environment and access for minimally invasive mitral valve and CABG procedures. With three left atrium options (with a prolapsed posterior mitral leaflet, with or without chordae, and papillary muscles, or with a healthy mitral leaflet) this heart is our most immersive solution to date for mitral valve repair and annular ring placement with appropriate pathologies. Replaceable left atria are held to the heart magnetically, making rapid exchange possible. The MICS Mitral CABG Heart is designed specifically for use with our MICS Thorax. The CABG sites are compatible with all our native coronaries and graft vessels for MIS bypass practice.

Please contact us for details and pricing.

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Developed from patient CT data, this is the most realistic mimetic thorax available for MICS procedures. Replaceable right and left chest wall panels contain ribs 4 through 8 embedded in tissue to accommodate ports, incisions and the use of rib spreaders. Replaceable IMAs allow the learner to perform thoracoscopic takedown and grafting.Includes lungs (inflated and collapsed), diaphragm, and a heart with pericardium.The MICS Thorax accepts a variety of our hearts, both beating and non-beating.