TSDA Boot Camp 2017

2017 TSDA Boot Camp was held Sept. 14-17, 2017 in Chapel Hill, NC.

As an ongoing contributor to TSDA Boot Camp The Chamberlain Group is always delighted to hear news of another successful program. We would also like to offer a hearty Congratulations! on the program’s 10th anniversary. TSDA Boot Camp provides incoming residents with an experiential foundation and hands-on practice in basic cardiothoracic operating skills so that they are better prepared to enter the CT surgery operating room at their home programs.

Understanding that success in medical training hinges on tools that are as functional, durable, and accessible—as they are anatomically accurate—is central to The Chamberlain Group’s approach.

The Heart Cases we supplied to TSDA Boot Camp 2017 were originally developed by The Chamberlain Group in collaboration with TSDA Boot Camp Program Director Dr. James I. Fann, MD. Dr. Fann is a pioneer in the field of immersive and simulation learning and Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery at the Stanford University Medical Center. He approached us with the premise that limited exposure and visualization, compounded by technical complexity, had adversely affected resident training in mitral valve surgery. With this in mind he envisioned a heart trainer that was anatomically accurate and compact enough for travel. The Chamberlain Group delivered, designing and manufacturing Heart Case as a portable, safe, and cost-effective training platform for repeat and deliberate practice in basic cardiac operative skills. Heart Case: Case Study

In the years since it’s inception we continue to evolve this product as opportunities arise, developing:


Made in the Berkshires: Special effects wizardry makes medical models. The Berkshire Eagle

Lisa Chamberlain, the vice president/managing partner of The Chamberlain Group, stands next to Surgical Sam, an elastic replica of a 14-month child the
(photo by Stephanie Zollshan — The Berkshire Eagle)

“…. Eric and Lisa Chamberlain, the husband and wife team who make their home in Stockbridge, founded the business in 1999. In fact, their company had a Hollywood beginning — like, right out of the movies — after adapting techniques they learned creating special effects for the film industry.

The Chamberlain Group works with more than 100 medical device companies and teaching and working hospitals that include Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Albany (N.Y.) Medical Center, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, and Columbia and Stanford universities.

It’s unusual work. They have competitors, but the Chamberlains created a business genre basically from scratch. Thus, The Chamberlain Group’s 23 employees, which include the couple’s daughter, Halli, a Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts graduate, come from diverse backgrounds.”

It’s a testament to their perceptive leadership and very fine-tuned marketing forces and strategy…. They went from a locally based business to a national reputation and now an international reputation. That’s a trajectory that we’ve hoped for many businesses to have here.

Keith Girouard, Regional Director of the Massachusetts Small Business Development Center, Pittsfield, MA

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Berkshire Business Quarterly: Body Double

The Chamberlain Group turns special effects know-how into medical mastery.…

They were taking a chance. Surgeons had completely draped the patient, except
for a small section of the forearm from which they sought a radial artery necessary for
the cardiac bypass procedure. They moved with precision and focus inside the complex system of engineering that is the human body. But this body was sick, and every team member utilized a skill and every instrument had a purpose: to make it
healthy again.


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