Custom Development

We design, develop, and manufacture accurate anatomy for surgical and interventional training, research, device development, sales and marketing.

Working in close collaboration with medical device companies and teaching hospitals in over fifty countries, the chamberlain group meets procedural training objectives with clean, smart solutions that illuminate, educate, and differentiate.

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Our Solutions

  • Custom integrated design, prototyping, and manufacturing all controllably done in-house.
  • Physical & computer generated models built directly from patient CT & MRI
  • Our proprietary polymer formulations look, feel and respond like living tissue — and can be standardized.
  • A greater acceptance of mimetic tissue as a result of better tissues being produced.
  • Product line spans all levels: Simple suturing to complex procedural instruction, starting with medical school & residency and continuing for the practitioner’s entire career.

Points of Distinction

  • We are pioneers in proprietary processes and advances in mimetic tissue
  • We work with clinicians and educators as clients and lead directors for projects.
  • We focus on the issues surgeons and interventionalists need to gain competency for successful procedures.
  • Our trainers allow clinicians to gain confidence and expertise from repeatable clinical experiences.
  • We recreate the precise tissue-to-technology experience enabling the instrumentation to function appropriately in a safe, repeatable environment.
  • Our product experiences can be produced in high volume following the successful completion of prototype phase.
  • We manufacture in-house for efficiency and quality control
    from small quantities to large production runs.
  • We have proven utility in the field since 1999

Our Process

discussion ⋅ We review your objectives and probe for the nuances that make your procedure unique, establishing a foundation for our design development.

research ⋅ An immersive learning process that takes us to the OR, the lab, the internet, or wherever necessary to gain a complete understanding of the anatomy, mechanical interface, and procedure subtleties.

design ⋅ Our research and your goals coalesce in a CAD design that becomes the blueprint for the prototype.

development ⋅ We refine materials, replicate anatomy, solve the technical challenges, and provide the prototype for your evaluation.

production ⋅ Manufacturing. In-house. In the US. No surprises. On schedule and on budget.