HOLLYtouch + simHOLLY Facial Injection Trainer

Custom Product Development, Exclusive to Nestlé Skin Health SHIELD

Created in Partnership with Nestlé Skin Health SHIELD and BioDigital, the HOLLY platform trains physicians to perform safe facial injections with a web-based simulator that pairs a physical facial model with a matched 3D digital model of her cutaneous and subcutaneous anatomy.

fat and muscle layers revealed when practicing injection

The HOLLY platform is a first-in-class medical injection training program that includes both an injection simulation for live training programs (HOLLYtouch) as well as an interactive digital anatomy training course for at-home study (simHOLLY). HOLLYtouch pairs the syringe used for real-world injections with a lifelike model of a female face created from a life cast and MRI. The physical model is made from a tissue-like polymer over an exact replica of the model’s skull. Using embedded technology, the clinician’s movements injecting with the syringe into the physical face are mirrored in a fully interactive and immersive digital replica of the facial anatomy. This cloud-based 3D digital environment allows the clinician to truly “see inside” the patient’s face and understand the complex and unique structures of the subcutaneous anatomy. If the clinician injects within a structure that would cause an adverse event, the system provides an alert to inform the clinician and instructor. The HOLLYtouch simulator offers two separate modes: Practice and Test. In Practice mode, a clinician has access to a full suite of integrated software tools to dissect discrete facial structures or entire layers of facial anatomy, rotate the model, zoom, and click on any anatomical object to see its name, arming the clinicician with the anatomical education to practice and hone safe injection techniques within a controlled environment. In Test mode, the clinician can simulate a real-world procedure and then replay a 3D animation of each recorded injection with concurrent access to the full range of 3D software tools, dissecting away layers of the anatomy and interacting with animated injection replays, providing a comprehensive understanding of the clinical exercise.

To supplement the live trainings with the HOLLYtouch simulator, the simHOLLY facial anatomy training course provides physicians with cloud-based interactive facial anatomy that leverages the 3D software capabilities of the BioDigital Human platform with the in-depth medical expertise of subject experts to provide clinicians with a unique, medically accurate, interactive, and highly engaging digital training experience, preparing them to treat patients safely in their practice.

A true marriage of Nestlé Skin Health’s medical knowledge, The Chamberlain Group’s medical modeling expertise, and BioDigital’s cloud-based 3D interactive digital anatomy platform, the groundbreaking HOLLY platform has been met with high praise from experts in the field, enthusiasm from the clinical training participants, and even graced with its very own Instagram hashtag, #hollytouch!