Air Pressure Regulator (#267)


Air Pressure Regulator (#267)


IMPORTANT: The set-up, operation and care of this model are explained herein. To ensure successful use of this model, review and understand instructions thoroughly before use and follow them as described. As many of our materials, particularly those that simulate in vivo tissue, are fragile, they may be sensitive to environmental or handling conditions (i.e. extremes of temperature and humidity) that will affect their ultimate shelf life. To ensure the maximum shelf life possible, please keep all simulated tissue in a temperature-controlled environment and free from exposure to conditions that might cause them to fail. To avoid distorting the tissue surfaces always repack trainer parts in their original packaging without compression by contact with other objects such as devices and instruments. To ensure the longest useful life of the trainer, please handle with care and protect it when shipping or traveling.


When “wall air” is used as the source of compressed air, the Air Pressure Regulator provides the means to accurately control the pressure that energizes the Beating Heart. The air source must be capable of providing 60 psi minimum.

IMPORTANT Only connect Beating Heart Controller to a regulated air supply. Set pressure to 70psi for Adult heart or 60psi for Pediatric models. Connection to an unregulated air supply may cause irreparable damage to the Beating Heart.

Set Up Regulator

Place the Air Pressure Regulator near the Beating Heart Controller Solenoid Box. Connect Air Supply Line •  to Regulator Air Supply Line • . Connect other end of Line •  to available compressed air source, (ie. ‘wall air’).

A quick-connect fitting with 1/8NPT thread for connection to the air source is provided. An additional NPT adaptor may be required to interface with your specific air delivery system.

Set Pressure

Pull out on the control knob to unlock and rotate it to achieve the proper setting: 70psi Adult Hearts or 60psi Pediatric. Push in the control knob to lock setting. Ensure Beating Heart Controller is off then connect the Regulator’s Airline to the Air Supply input on the Solenoid Box.

WARNING Never set the regulator to deliver more than 70 psi to the Beating Heart Controller. Irreparable damage may be caused.

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