MICS Thorax and MICS Mitral CABG Hearts Brochure

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Realistic Mimetic Anatomy for Deliberate Practice of MICS CABG and MIS Mitral Valve Procedures

  • Intercostal or Sub-Xiphoid Approach
  • Thoracoscopic IMA Takedown
  • Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting
  • Mitral Valve Repair or Replacement
  • Annuloplasty

MICS Thorax Trainer anatomy was developed from patient CT data and is the most immersive
simulation trainer available for MICS mitral valve and CABG procedures.
Replaceable chest walls contain flexible ribs (4–8), with appropriate intercostal spaces, embedded in
mimetic tissue. Chest walls support incision, device placement, and the use of MICS rib spreaders. Hearts
tether magnetically to diaphragm and collapsed lungs to maintain appropriate anatomical relationships
within the thoracic cavity. The trainer base accommodates multi-angle positioning.

MICS Mitral CABG Hearts and Beating Hearts
Present an immersive solution with appropriate pathologies for mitral valve repair, annular ring
placement, and anastomosis. They feature Replaceable: Left Atria, CABG sites, and Pericardia to
allow repeatable trainings with fresh anatomy and years of use with a single heart.

See brochure for more details.