Life-like Hearts with Replaceable Coronary Vessels Allow Cardiac Residents Repeat Practice of Anastomosis July 17, 2017 - Download Brochure CABG HEARTS for Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Training Suturable artery segments embedded in the epicardium of our CABG Hearts allow repeat practice of coronary vessel anastomosis. Results may be preserved and presented to mentoring faculty for review and progress assessment. Each of these Native Coronary Artery segments may be used a number of […]
Trauma Thoracotomy Trainer Brochure January 23, 2017 - NEW for 2017   View Brochure Our Trainer for Low Frequency/High Stakes Trauma Surgery was Developed in Collaboration with Dr. Marc de Moya Mass General Hospital. Delve into immersive clinical simulation training that engages the student’s limbic system with this high fidelity platform for teaching resuscitative thoracotomy.
Perfusion Beating Heart Trainer Brochure January 23, 2017 - View Brochure Complete Your Team and Bring the Virtual Patient Off the Screen for Emergent Cardiopulmonary Bypass Training. Our Perfusion Beating Heart Trainer with Cannulatable Beating Heart makes physical the physiological data expressed by your Perfusion Simulator, reproducing the movement and rhythm of the patient’s cardiopulmonary system within a ventilateable and operative anatomical torso.  
VATS Trainer with Mimetic Lung Brochure January 23, 2017 - View Brochure A platform for training and refining video assisted thoracoscopic surgical skills without the use of cadavers or animal tissue  
VATS Trainer for Explants Brochure January 23, 2017 - View Brochure   Provides a realistic human thoracic context for life-like Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery training with porcine tissue explants. For skills development in thoracoscopic lobectomy and lung resection.
Surgical Sam for General Surgery Training Brochure January 23, 2017 - View Brochure   Add Hands On, High Fidelity Simulation to Your Pediatric Team Training in General Surgery. Bring a new dimension to clinical and team training in your most high-stakes areas — the ER and OR.
Surgical Sam for Cardiothoracic Training Brochure January 23, 2017 - View Brochure   Surgical Sam is the first beating heart, breathing and bleeding, immersive team trainer for pediatric surgery. Bring hands-on high fidelity surgery to your pediatric team training.
Pocket Vessel Anastomosis Trainer Brochure January 23, 2017 - View Brochure   Developed in conjunction with the Thoracic Surgery Directors Association (TSDA), the Pocket Vessel Anastomosis Trainer provides surgical learners with a platform for deliberate practice of anastomotic skills in a safe, repeatable environment. This compact and convenient Trainer fits into the resident’s lab coat pocket and can be used outside of the simulation […]
Heart Case Brochure January 23, 2017 - View Brochure   Skills Training for Cardiac Surgery: Aortic Cannulation, Small Vessel Anastomosis, Mitral Valve Procedures, Aortic Valve Replacement, CABG – Both Proximal and Distal Anastomosis.
Tactility Surgical Learning System Brochure January 23, 2017 - View Brochure   A collaboration between the Chamberlain Group and Baystate Medical Center.   The Tactility Surgical Learning System P.1 Open Bowel Kit trains surgical learners in basic intestinal operative skills and identifying technical errors in the act of performing surgery.