Good Morning America: ‘The Cutting Edge’ May 5, 2009 - Good Morning America with Diane Sawyer “The Cutting Edge” Robotic Surgery Reinventing Modern Medicine. May 5, 2009
WABC Channel 40: Medical Model Company is Changing How Medicine is Taught Across the Country November 17, 2008 - WABC 40 traveled to the Berkshires of western Massachusetts to talk with The Chamberlain Group and find out how surgeons and residents will be training in the future.
WABC Channel 40: New Synthetic Tissue Helping Local Surgeons October 28, 2008 - WABC Channel 40 — “The Chamberlain Group and Baystate Medical collaborated to come up with lifelike human tissue that surgeons can practice on.” The result was our Tactility Surgical Training Kit.
WGBY: Making It Here March 1, 2003 - WGBY- Springfield MA, interviews Eric and Lisa Chamberlin about their transition from Hollywood special effects to becoming The Chamberlain Group which designs, develops and produces medical training models. Eric demonstrates the use of our Endo Radial Artery Trainer.