Hollywood in the Operating Room, The New York Times, Science Times December 7, 2015 - Surgeons at Massachusetts General Hospital have four minutes to save this gunshot wound victim. So how do residents learn such a risky procedure? With a little help from Hollywood. By EMMA COTT and BEN LAFFIN, Published November 9, 2015. Related Article “Artificial Patients, Real Learning “ By Karen Weintraub, November 9, 2015.
TSDA Anastomosis Tutorial November 10, 2014 - by Top Gun Cardiothoracic Dr. Fann of Stanford University demonstrates the practice of vessel anastomosis on a Vessel Anastomosis Trainer* from The Chamberlain Group. This Trainer was developed under the guidance of the Thoracic Surgery Director’s Association (TSDA) and Dr. Fann. This instructional video (from Top Gun Cardiothoracic) is designed to assist surgical residents with […]
Simulator Robots Prep Doctors for Surgery November 7, 2014 - IDG News Service: Network World Surgical Sam is a lifelike, pediatric mannequin that is training doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital.
A Sampling of Videos from our YouTube Channel October 30, 2012 - A Sampling of Video from our YouTube Channel   Our Products in the Field
Robotic Myomectomy Demonstration Video November 12, 2009 - Dr. Michael D. Pitter performs a live da Vinci robotic myomectomy procedure side by side with one performed on our Uterine Surgery Trainer.
Six Countries, Seven University Hospitals, Thirty-Six Residents Trained November 12, 2008 - The Chamberlain Group teamed with South Africa EACTS Cardiovascular Surgery to provide low cost, portable LAD pods for resident training.