Our Story


Founded in 1999, The Chamberlain Group is a Massachusetts-based studio that designs and builds mimetic organs for surgical and interventional training.

It is the culmination of over two decades of enduring partnership and collaboration between its principals, Lisa and Eric Chamberlain.

As president, Eric leads The Chamberlain Group’s design and new product development team. He brings to the creation of surgical trainers a composite of his passions and his work in the fields of architecture, visual effects and modeling for feature films and television, mechanical effects, and electronics. Eric holds U.S. and international patents on the company’s Beating Heart Trainers.

Lisa Chamberlain, managing partner, oversees the company’s new business development. A graduate of Princeton University with graduate work at Yale, Lisa developed specialized production and management skills that blend artistry and technology. Upon joining the Academy-Award-winning NYC design and effects studio R/GA, Lisa met and collaborated with Eric. Together they were instrumental in building R/GA’s reputation of renown for work in feature films, graphic design, computer graphics and digital video.

Their combined film credits include effects, opening titles, and feature campaigns for Superman, The World According to Garp, Zelig, Predator I and II, The Big Chill, Tootsie, Gandhi, Body Double, Ghostbusters, Judge Dredd, Eraser, and The Matrix.

Continuing this legacy, The Chamberlain Group today is a collective of sculptors, designers, fabricators, engineers and model makers who work collaboratively with medical device manufacturers, leading surgeons and teaching hospitals worldwide.