Trauma Thoracotomy Live Product Demonstration

apllying pressure to wound Trauma Surgery Thoracotomy Trainer

The Chamberlain Group’s Trauma Thoracotomy simulator was deployed for a live demonstration of resuscitative thoracotomy at the Essentials of Emergency Medicine / EMCrit conference January 31, 2018 in New York City.

Dr. Chris Hicks, an emergency physician specialist and faculty speaker, performed the live procedural demonstration. The conference was organized and hosted by Dr. Scott Weingart an emergency physician and critical care specialist who is also the host of the very popular EMCrit podcast.

The entire conference was live streamed as well as being available On Demand for digital subscribers.

Essentials of EMCrit will bring together several of the world’s experts in the field of resuscitation, including top clinicians at the cutting edge of translating research into clinical practice. The best of the best, together for one day that will teach, inspire, and change the way you think about resuscitation and critical care.”

EEMCrit essentials of EMCrit Jan 31, 2018

Developed in collaboration with Dr. Marc de Moya and Mass General Hospital, our TraumaThoracotomy Trainer provides an immersive training environment for residents to develop crisis response skills without compromising patient safety. Learn More