Bringing practice to the practice of medicine®

The Chamberlain Group designs, develops, and manufactures high fidelity mimetic anatomy for:

  • Surgical and interventional training
  • Research
  • Device development
  • Sales and marketing

We put custom solutions into the hands of clinical practitioners and design teams. Our proprietary polymer formations look, feel, and respond like living tissue.

Our team collaborates with medical device manufacturers and teaching hospitals in over 60 countries, developing and manufacturing products that span all levels:

  • From simple suturing to complex procedural instruction
  • In interventional cases and open surgery
  • In minimally invasive and robotic environments
  • For training of medical students & residents
  • For continuing education of healthcare professionals
  • The ONPACE Training System (#1543)

    The Chamberlain Group, in collaboration with University of Nebraska Medical Center, designed The ONPACE Training System to teach correct swabbing technique with clear side view for instructor evaluation and observation.
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  • New High Fidelity CT Surgery Trainer

    High Fidelity CT Surgery Trainer (#1543)

    Patient simulator for skin-to-skin, on-pump, cardiac surgery training. Developed in Collaboration with Prof. Dr. Piergiorgio Tozzi, UINL, CHUV.
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The ONPACE Training System January 29, 2021 - The Chamberlain Group, in collaboration with University of Nebraska Medical Center, designed The ONPACE Training System to teach correct swabbing technique. Learners can practice in a safe and repeatable environment before they work with patients. Supervisors can see the trajectory of the swab during practice. Both parties receive confirmation of correct swab insertion and contact with the anatomical target at […]
Hollywood in the Operating Room, The New York Times, Science Times December 7, 2015 - Surgeons at Massachusetts General Hospital have four minutes to save this gunshot wound victim. So how do residents learn such a risky procedure? With a little help from Hollywood. By EMMA COTT and BEN LAFFIN, Published November 9, 2015. Related Article “Artificial Patients, Real Learning “ By Karen Weintraub, November 9, 2015.