About Us

The Chamberlain Group is a Massachusetts-based studio that designs and manufactures mimetic anatomy for surgical and interventional training.

The early professional backgrounds of our founders, Lisa and Eric Chamberlain, in high-end visual effects in film and television, inform our process and creativity to this day.  At the company’s inception in 1999 there was no such thing as the simulation “industry.” With no formula to follow, the company charted its own professional course. Continuing this legacy, The Chamberlain Group embraces the high standards and guidance of our founders: Know your client, be excellent, try anything, stay nimble.

The Chamberlain Group today is a collective of sculptors, designers, fabricators, engineers, and model makers who work collaboratively with medical device manufacturers, leading surgeons, and teaching hospitals worldwide.

Please see the Collaborators or Gallery page for highlights of our collaborative work and product development.