A Pediatric First!

The Chamberlain Group is pleased to announce the birth of Surgical Sam – the world’s first fully operable infant surgical team trainer.Surgical Sam Pediatric Surgery team trainer configured for cardiothoracic procedures.

Developed with Boston Children’s Hospital Simulator Progam (SIMPeds) as the centerpiece of their team-training initiatives in pediatric cardiothoracic and general surgery, Surgical Sam is the world’s first beating heart, breathing and bleeding high fidelity team trainer for pediatric surgery. Surgical Sam ‘moves the needle’ on pediatric surgical team training by allowing important steps of surgery to really happen – allowing OR teams to fully immerse in simulations to optimize performance, safety and outcomes for children.

Surgical Sam is built on a “chassis” with interchangeable thoracic and abdominal anatomy. A cannulatable beating heart with replaceable right atrium and aorta is the centerpiece of the cardiothoracic module; the belly component includes a complete GI tract and liver capsule bleed. Both anatomies plug into the baby chassis, including intubation-compatible lungs, radial pulses, and hemodynamic flow to the cavities. The beating heart for the CT procedures can be fed by and synchronized with the output of a patient monitor for enhanced physiologic realism. Emergent resternotomy and redo laparotomy scenarios, developed by the faculty at Boston Children’s Hospital, have been repeatedly performed with each module by full OR teams as part of a multi-year program under the guidance of the BCH Simulator Program director and principal investigator, Peter Weinstock, MD, PhD.

Dr. Weinstock and his colleagues, Francis Fynn-Thompson, MD and David Mooney, MD, MPH, first approached The Chamberlain Group about the project, having learned of the company’s extensive experience in development of custom anatomy for surgical procedures. Unlike patient mannequins that present simulated physiology without the opportunity for extensive operative interaction, Boston Children’s was seeking a deeply immersive experience for the full OR team. Together BCH and Chamberlain, led by company president and design director Eric Chamberlain, collaborated to bring Surgical Sam to life, addressing the heretofore unmet need of high-fidelity team training that engages the entire OR, including surgery, in the care of the smallest of patients.

Surgical Sam premiered at the 6th International Pediatric Simulation Society Symposia and Workshops (IPSSW) meeting in Vienna, Austria in April, 2014.

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