The ONPACE Training System January 29, 2021 - The Chamberlain Group, in collaboration with University of Nebraska Medical Center, designed The ONPACE Training System to teach correct swabbing technique. Learners can practice in a safe and repeatable environment before they work with patients. Supervisors can see the trajectory of the swab during practice. Both parties receive confirmation of correct swab insertion and contact with the anatomical target at […]
Advanced MedSim Anatomy for “Serious Games” Debuts in Switzerland November 12, 2019 - Teaching Course on Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery on Humanoids will be held November 22nd to 23rd, 2019 at the Centre Hospitalier Universitire Vaudois, Lausanne, Switzerland. Prof. Dr. Piergiorgio Tozzi of CHUV chose The Chamberlain Group to help make this comprehensive cardiac surgery simulation training initiative a reality. Working in close collaboration with Dr. Tozzi, and […]
Entrepreneurial Women Are Bolstering the Berkshires, October 10, 2019 - “Here in the Berkshires, we are blessed with a community of innovators and entrepreneurs who have helped build, guide, and drive the regional economy for generations. As we focus specifically on women in business this month, it’s important that we similarly recognize the vibrant culture of women entrepreneurs that are here, right now, creating incredible […]
Lever Innovation Summit 2019 October 2, 2019 - Join featured speaker Lisa Chamberlain as she shares insight on what it takes to transform an innovative idea into a successful business model. Friday, October 4, 9:00am at the Williams Inn, Williamstown, MA Lever Innovation Summit 2019
TSDA Boot Camp 2019 September 19, 2019 - The Chamberlain Group is a proud contributor to TSDA Boot Camp 2019, helping aspiring surgeons be better prepared to enter the operating room..
Artistry in Anatomy, Berkshire Magazine August 1, 2019 - A Couple Schooled in Special Effects Make Their Mark in Medical Models -By­ Evelyn Battaglia INSIDE a nondescript building on the stretch of Main Street connectingGreat Barrington with Sheffield is a bustling enterprise where thousands of intricate mimetic (“imitative”) medical models have been designed, manufactured, and shipped across the U.S. and to more than 50 […]
Lisa Chamberlain Keynote Speaker at Science & Engineering Fair March 13, 2019 - iBerkshires, Monday March 11, 2019 Region 1 Science Fair Encourages Student Research Lisa Chamberlain delivered the keynote address to aspiring students at Western Massachusetts Region 1 High School Science & Engineering Fair.  The event was held in the Amsler Campus Center at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts on March 9th. Chamberlain spoke on the importance of […]
Custom Development October 15, 2018 - We design, develop, and manufacture accurate anatomy for surgical and interventional training, research, device development, sales and marketing. Working in close collaboration with medical device companies and teaching hospitals in over fifty countries, the chamberlain group meets procedural training objectives with clean, smart solutions that illuminate, educate, and differentiate. Call +1.413.528.7744 to Discuss Your Project […]
MICS Thorax and MICS Mitral CABG Hearts Brochure May 21, 2018 - Download Brochure Realistic Mimetic Anatomy for Deliberate Practice of MICS CABG and MIS Mitral Valve Procedures Intercostal or Sub-Xiphoid Approach Thoracoscopic IMA Takedown Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting Mitral Valve Repair or Replacement Annuloplasty MICS Thorax Trainer anatomy was developed from patient CT data and is the most immersive simulation trainer available for MICS mitral valve […]
Trauma Thoracotomy Live Product Demonstration January 18, 2018 - The Chamberlain Group’s Trauma Thoracotomy simulator was deployed for a live demonstration of resuscitative thoracotomy at the Essentials of Emergency Medicine / EMCrit conference January 31, 2018 in New York City. Dr. Chris Hicks, an emergency physician specialist and faculty speaker, performed the live procedural demonstration. The conference was organized and hosted by Dr. Scott […]
Belly Case Brochure January 13, 2018 - View Brochure   A platform for training in Open Bowel Anastomosis, Small Vessel Anastomosis, Ostomy Suturing. Belly Case provides surgical learners with a platform for deliberate practice of basic bowel anastomosis skills in a safe, repeatable environment.
Tactility Surgical Learning System Brochure January 13, 2018 - View Brochure   A collaboration between the Chamberlain Group and Baystate Medical Center.   The Tactility Surgical Learning System P.1 Open Bowel Kit trains surgical learners in basic intestinal operative skills and identifying technical errors in the act of performing surgery.
Heart Case Brochure January 13, 2018 - View Brochure   Skills Training for Cardiac Surgery: Aortic Cannulation, Small Vessel Anastomosis, Mitral Valve Procedures, Aortic Valve Replacement, CABG – Both Proximal and Distal Anastomosis.
VATS Trainer for Explants Brochure January 13, 2018 - View Brochure   Provides a realistic human thoracic context for life-like Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery training with porcine tissue explants. For skills development in thoracoscopic lobectomy and lung resection.
Trauma Thoracotomy Trainer Brochure January 13, 2018 - NEW   View Brochure Our Trainer for Low Frequency/High Stakes Trauma Surgery was Developed in Collaboration with Dr. Marc de Moya Mass General Hospital. Delve into immersive clinical simulation training that engages the student’s limbic system with this high fidelity platform for teaching resuscitative thoracotomy.
TSDA Boot Camp 2017 September 30, 2017 - 2017 TSDA Boot Camp was held Sept. 14-17, 2017 in Chapel Hill, NC. As an ongoing contributor to TSDA Boot Camp The Chamberlain Group is always delighted to hear news of another successful program. We would also like to offer a hearty Congratulations! on the program’s 10th anniversary. TSDA Boot Camp provides incoming residents with an experiential […]
Life-like Hearts with Replaceable Coronary Vessels Allow Cardiac Residents Repeat Practice of Anastomosis July 17, 2017 - Download Brochure CABG HEARTS for Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Training Suturable artery segments embedded in the epicardium of our CABG Hearts allow repeat practice of coronary vessel anastomosis. Results may be preserved and presented to mentoring faculty for review and progress assessment. Each of these Native Coronary Artery segments may be used a number of […]
ECMO Simulation with Perfusion Beating Heart Trainer July 13, 2017 - Dr. David Grant demonstrates sternotomy, retraction, and cannulation on The Chamberlain Group’s Perfusion Beating Heart Trainer (#1362) and Retractable Sternum. This video was part of  Dr. Grant’s keynote address Collaborative Frameworks Improving Healthcare at IPSSW 2017. Our patient mannekin, paired with a Perfusion Simulation System such as Califia or Orpheus™, offers a fully immersive, high-fidelity, point-of-care […]
Perfusion Beating Heart Trainer Brochure January 23, 2017 - View Brochure Complete Your Team and Bring the Virtual Patient Off the Screen for Emergent Cardiopulmonary Bypass Training. Our Perfusion Beating Heart Trainer with Cannulatable Beating Heart makes physical the physiological data expressed by your Perfusion Simulator, reproducing the movement and rhythm of the patient’s cardiopulmonary system within a ventilateable and operative anatomical torso.  
VATS Trainer with Mimetic Lung Brochure January 23, 2017 - View Brochure A platform for training and refining video assisted thoracoscopic surgical skills without the use of cadavers or animal tissue  
Surgical Sam for General Surgery Training Brochure January 23, 2017 - View Brochure   Add Hands On, High Fidelity Simulation to Your Pediatric Team Training in General Surgery. Bring a new dimension to clinical and team training in your most high-stakes areas — the ER and OR.
Surgical Sam for Cardiothoracic Training Brochure January 23, 2017 - View Brochure   Surgical Sam is the first beating heart, breathing and bleeding, immersive team trainer for pediatric surgery. Bring hands-on high fidelity surgery to your pediatric team training.
Hip Labrum Access & Repair Trainer Brochure January 23, 2017 - View Brochure   The Hip Labrum Access and Repair Trainer is a portable solution designed to enable training of arthroscopic soft tissue repair of the labrum.
Pocket Vessel Anastomosis Trainer Brochure January 13, 2017 - View Brochure   Developed in conjunction with the Thoracic Surgery Directors Association (TSDA), the Pocket Vessel Anastomosis Trainer provides surgical learners with a platform for deliberate practice of anastomotic skills in a safe, repeatable environment. This compact and convenient Trainer fits into the resident’s lab coat pocket and can be used outside of the simulation […]
Made in the Berkshires: Special effects wizardry makes medical models. The Berkshire Eagle October 22, 2016 - “…. Eric and Lisa Chamberlain, the husband and wife team who make their home in Stockbridge, founded the business in 1999. In fact, their company had a Hollywood beginning — like, right out of the movies — after adapting techniques they learned creating special effects for the film industry. The Chamberlain Group works with more […]
Repeat Practice Yields Repeated Success for TSDA Bootcamp 2016 October 7, 2016 - CHAPEL HILL, NC The Chamberlain Group Contributes to TSDA Bootcamp for 7th Consecutive Year and Overwhelming Success “The TSDA achieved its goal of providing incoming residents with an experiential foundation and hands-on practice in basic cardiothoracic operating skills so that they are better prepared to enter the CT surgery operating room at their home programs. […]
Chamberlain Group Receives AIM “Massachusetts Next Century” Award September 21, 2016 - In recognition of their contributions to the region’s economy The Chamberlain Group received a Next Century Award from the Associated Industries of Massachusetts. Lisa and Eric Chamberlain joined other local area industry leaders at a reception at Interprint Inc., Pittsfield MA. “AIM created the Next Century Award to honor the accomplishments of companies and individuals creating […]
Overcoming Hurdles to High Tech Success in the Berkshires May 25, 2016 - The Berkshire Edge Lack of broadband, training, transportation pose challenges for high-tech Berkshire firm by Heather Bellow Democratic state Senate candidate Adam Hinds visited The Chamberlain Group recently and spoke with Lisa Chamberlain to learn more about the challenges facing high tech businesses based in Berkshire County.
The Chamberlain Group Wins “Exporter of the Year” Award from the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Massachusetts and North East Region Offices May 5, 2016 - BOSTON – The Small Business Administration (SBA) has named The Chamberlain Group the 2016 Exporter of the Year for Massachusetts and New England. “Lisa and Eric Chamberlain are saving lives with the products they create in the medical simulation industry,” said Robert Nelson, SBA Massachusetts District Director. “By working with the MSBDC and Massachusetts Export […]
Hollywood in the Operating Room, The New York Times, Science Times December 7, 2015 - Surgeons at Massachusetts General Hospital have four minutes to save this gunshot wound victim. So how do residents learn such a risky procedure? With a little help from Hollywood. By EMMA COTT and BEN LAFFIN, Published November 9, 2015. Related Article “Artificial Patients, Real Learning “ By Karen Weintraub, November 9, 2015.
Artificial Patients, Real Learning. The New York Times, Health November 9, 2015 - By Karen Weintraub “BOSTON — The patient’s blood pressure had reportedly crashed in the ambulance; a gunshot wound had damaged the heart. In the operating room, a medical resident, Dr. Dan Hashimoto, slid a knife into the patient’s chest and sliced horizontally, from the sternum across the torso. He thrust his hand into the gash, […]
6th Consecutive Year — TCG and TSDA Boot Camp 2015 September 30, 2015 - Chapel Hill, NC The Chamberlain Group was again honored to contribute products for this intensive course for incoming cardiothoracic surgery residents. With the use of simulation, the course provides training and hands-on practice in the latest cardiothoracic surgical techniques, allowing residents to be better prepared when entering the operating room in their home programs. At […]
Improved Perfusion Beating Heart August 6, 2015 - Cannulatable and suturable new beating heart, offered with or without CABG sites for off-pump or arrested heart anastomotic procedures, allows for antegrade cardioplegia introduction. Developed as an upgrade to our Perfusion Beating Heart Trainer. A highly detailed, mimetic tissue heart model with extended vasculature and accessible atrial appendages, our Cannulatable Larger Beating Heart is sized […]
Surgical Sam Helps Train Boston Children’s Hospital Surgeons July 24, 2015 - By Jon Christian Globe Correspondent In an operating theater deep in Boston Children’s Hospital, surrounded by state-of-the-art medical equipment, a surgical team is on the brink of losing a young patient. Their goal was to locate and repair a perforation in the bowel, but something’s gone wrong: The liver is bleeding uncontrollably, and if they […]
VATS Trainer for Explant Left-Side April 13, 2015 - Accommodates porcine explants for skills development in thoracoscopic lobectomy and lung resection in a realistic human thoracic context for lifelike VATS training. Derived from patient CT data, the VATS Trainer for Explants Left-Sided is a hemi-thorax with all pertinent landmarks for thoracoscopic lung surgeries. The trainer presents a patient in a lateral decubitus position with […]
Pocket Vessel Anastomosis Trainer April 13, 2015 - Pocket Vessel Anastomosis Trainer. Download Brochure
Tactility Bowel Brochure April 13, 2015 - Tactilty Bowel Brochure.
MICS Mitral CABG Heart April 13, 2015 - MICS Mitral CABG Heart (#1390) Our new MICS Mitral CABG Heart is designed to provide a realistic environment and access for minimally invasive mitral valve and CABG procedures. With three left atrium options (with a prolapsed posterior mitral leaflet, with or without chordae, and papillary muscles, or with a healthy mitral leaflet) this heart is […]
Heart Case Brochure April 13, 2015 - Heart Case Brochure. Download Brochure
Surgical Sam at IMSH 2015 featured in March 3, 2015 - explores the Surgical Sam baby from The Chamberlain Group at IMSH 2015 in New Orleans.
Hip Labrum Brochure January 7, 2015 - Download Brochure
Delivering Big Advances in Baby Steps December 17, 2014 - Sugical Sam launch Surgical Sam, The World’s First Infant Surgical Team Trainer ► Full Brochure … We are happy to announce the arrival of the newest addition to The Chamberlain Group family. Surgical Sam, the world’s first beating heart, breathing and bleeding, high fidelity team trainer for pediatric surgery is now available for purchase. Engage […]
TSDA Anastomosis Tutorial November 10, 2014 - by Top Gun Cardiothoracic Dr. Fann of Stanford University demonstrates the practice of vessel anastomosis on a Vessel Anastomosis Trainer* from The Chamberlain Group. This Trainer was developed under the guidance of the Thoracic Surgery Director’s Association (TSDA) and Dr. Fann. This instructional video (from Top Gun Cardiothoracic) is designed to assist surgical residents with […]
Simulator Robots Prep Doctors for Surgery November 7, 2014 - IDG News Service: Network World Surgical Sam is a lifelike, pediatric mannequin that is training doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital.
NEW PRODUCTS October 9, 2014 - Our Latest Offerings include: VATS Trainer for Explant Left-Side (#8012) Perfusion Beating Heart Trainer (#1362) Fluoroscopic Heart (#1396) MICS Mitral CABG Heart (#1390) Surgical Sam (#4094) Sam Pediatric Cardiothoracic Module (#4095) VATS Trainer with Mimetic Lung (#8005) Pocket Vessel Anastomosis Trainer (#1389) PEG Demonstrator Inserts (#2185-2202) UPDATED Beating Heart (#1323)
TSDA Boot Camp 2014 September 14, 2014 - CHAPEL HILL, NC — The Chamberlain Group was honored to contribute products for the TSDA Boot Camp 2014, an intensive course based on needs emerging in CT surgery residency programs. With the use of simulation, the course provides experience and hands-on practice in basic CT operating skills, allowing residents to be better prepared when entering […]
Surgical Sam, A Beating-Heart Mannequin, Takes the Stage June 20, 2014 - We often see medical magic in Hollywood, but it’s not often we see Hollywood magic brought into medicine. Now, Boston Children’s Hospital’s Simulator Program and special-effects collaborators at The Chamberlain Group (TCG) have done just that. Simulation has become a key component in team training, crisis management, surgical practice and other medical training activities. With […]
A Pediatric First! February 20, 2014 - The Chamberlain Group is pleased to announce the birth of Surgical Sam – the world’s first fully operable infant surgical team trainer.Surgical Sam Pediatric Surgery team trainer configured for cardiothoracic procedures. Developed with Boston Children’s Hospital Simulator Progam (SIMPeds) as the centerpiece of their team-training initiatives in pediatric cardiothoracic and general surgery, Surgical Sam is […]
Chamberlain Group Exhibits at Surgical Education Week – ORLANDO – April 24, 2013 - Visit The Chamberlain Group at SEW from April 24th-26th, at Gaylord Palms-Orlando. Come see what’s new! SEW is sponsored by: The Association of Program Directors in Surgery, The Association of Residency Coordinators in Surgery, and The Association for Surgical Education. Objective of SEW: To provide a forum for individuals involved in surgical education to seek […]
The Chamberlain Group to Exhibit at IMSH 2013 January 26, 2013 - ORLANDO — Chamberlain Group will be showcasing some of its newest trainers at IMSH. Please visit Booth #825 from January 26-30 and be among the first to preview! About IMSH: IMSH (International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare) is the world’s largest conference dedicated to healthcare simulation, learning, research and scholarship. IMSH 2012 boasted 3,100 attendees […]
A Sampling of Videos from our YouTube Channel October 30, 2012 - A Sampling of Video from our YouTube Channel   Our Products in the Field
Chamberlain Group pleased to again participate in TSDA’s Annual CT Surgery Boot Camp July 26, 2012 - CHAPEL HILL, NC — For the third consecutive year, Chamberlain Group was honored to contribute their Heart Case Trainer as part of the curriculum for Boot Camp, at the invitation of program director Dr. James Fann, MD, Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Stanford University. Read the release from TSDA Boot Camp here.
Chamberlain Group’s developments highlighted in MEdSim Magazine June 15, 2012 - “Chamberlain Group’s Devices in Development” MEdSim Magazine Editor Marty Kauchak provides insights on three training products in development at the Chamberlain Group. “The Chamberlain Group’s trainer portfolio continues to expand. Of special interest to the community are three products either in development or in the early stages of production….” >>Full article here.
Tactility Face Validity Study Poster February 24, 2012 - Trial results of Baystate Medical and The Chamberlain Group collaborative development of high-fidelity simulated human tissue for surgical training. View Poster
Chamberlain Group’s TEDMED Exhibit featured in WIRED November 3, 2011 - “Breakthrough Medical Gadgets: The Future of Healthcare Hardware” by Aaron Rowe Gadget Lab “HARDWARE THAT ROCKS YOUR WORLD Read the article here.
Chamberlain Group invited to TEDMED October 24, 2011 - SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA– An offshoot of the esteemed TED conference, whose mission is bringing together the world’s most fascinating thinkers and doers culled from the arenas of Technology,Entertainment and Design, TEDMED is a medical conference that draws the greatest creative minds together to meet healthcare’s most innovative science. Once a year, leaders in the fields […]
The Chamberlain Group Featured in The Boston Globe February 21, 2011 - “A Cut Above: Surgery Meets Silicone” by Marion Davis, Globe Correspondent February 21, 2011. Read the article here. View the slideshow “From Hollywood to Hospitals” here. (Free registration required).
The Berkshire Eagle: Realistic Surgical Models Saving Lives January 8, 2011 - Realistic surgical models saving lives Read the article: Read Article
Chamberlain Group Sponsors the TSDA Third Annual CT Surgery Boot Camp July 8, 2010 - 32 Residents Gather for Hands-On Training July 8-11, 2010 The Thoracic Surgery Directors Association (TSDA) hosted the third annual cardiothoracic surgery Boot Camp July 8-11, 2010 in Chapel Hill, NC. The program, developed by TSDA and funded by an educational grant from the Joint Council on Thoracic Surgery Education, Inc. (JCTSE), provided resident participants with […]
Robotic Myomectomy Demonstration Video November 12, 2009 - Dr. Michael D. Pitter performs a live da Vinci robotic myomectomy procedure side by side with one performed on our Uterine Surgery Trainer.
Good Morning America: ‘The Cutting Edge’ May 5, 2009 - Good Morning America with Diane Sawyer “The Cutting Edge” Robotic Surgery Reinventing Modern Medicine. May 5, 2009
The New York Times: Chamberlain Group Announces New Uterine Robotic Surgery Training Device April 21, 2009 - Published: April 21, 2009 Reflects Robust Growth of Client Intuitive Surgical’s da Vinci(R) System GREAT BARRINGTON, Mass., April 21 /PRNewswire/ — The Chamberlain Group, producers of anatomically accurate surgical trainers, today announced their new Uterine Robotic Surgery Trainer. The trainer is a lifelike, full-scale model of the human uterus and vaginal canal. It is composed […]
Xconomy | Boston: From Movie Sets to Operating Rooms, Chamberlain Group Turns Special Effects Biz into Healthcare Winner April 13, 2009 - April 13, 2009 Life Sciences, Devices, Surgery From Movie Sets to Operating Rooms, Chamberlain Group Turns Special Effects Biz into Healthcare Winner Ryan McBride 4/13/09 Before computer animation took hold of the movie industry, spaceships, exploding cities, dislodged body parts, and other scene-stealing special effects were crafted by highly skilled model makers. But after decades […]
Chamberlain Group Surgical Training Model Facilitates New Treatment for Chronic Rhinosinusitis March 17, 2009 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CHAMBERLAIN GROUP SURGICAL TRAINING MODEL FACILITATES NEW TREATMENT FOR CHRONIC RHINOSINUSITIS Eliminates Need for Cadavers and Accelerates Physician Training Great Barrington, Mass., (March 17, 2009) – The Chamberlain Group, maker of anatomically accurate surgical training models, is improving how ENT physicians are trained using their new Maxillary Clinical Sinus Trainer. This innovative […]
WABC Channel 40: Medical Model Company is Changing How Medicine is Taught Across the Country November 17, 2008 - WABC 40 traveled to the Berkshires of western Massachusetts to talk with The Chamberlain Group and find out how surgeons and residents will be training in the future.
Six Countries, Seven University Hospitals, Thirty-Six Residents Trained November 12, 2008 - The Chamberlain Group teamed with South Africa EACTS Cardiovascular Surgery to provide low cost, portable LAD pods for resident training. Chamberlain Group Announces Two New Robotic Surgery Training Devices for Client Intuitive Surgical’s da Vinci System November 12, 2008 - The Chamberlain Group, producers of anatomically accurate surgical trainers, announced two new robotic surgery training devices: a comprehensive Uterine Robotic Surgery Trainer and the next generation of its Robotic System Skills Kit, a modular tool for practicing basic skills in robotic surgery. According to Lisa Chamberlain, The Chamberlain Group’s co-founder, the Uterine Trainer is a […]
Berkshire Business Quarterly: Body Double November 12, 2008 - The Chamberlain Group turns special effects know-how into medical mastery.… They were taking a chance. Surgeons had completely draped the patient, except for a small section of the forearm from which they sought a radial artery necessary for the cardiac bypass procedure. They moved with precision and focus inside the complex system of engineering that […]
Chamberlain Group Announces Two New Robotic Surgery Training Devices November 6, 2008 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contacts: The Chamberlain Group Lisa Chamberlain Vice President/Managing Partner 413 528 7744 Intuitive Surgical Inc. Nora Distefano Market Development Specialist 408 523 2199 Cell: 408 594 4100 Media David Carriere 413 243 6767 CHAMBERLAIN GROUP ANNOUNCES TWO NEW ROBOTIC SURGERY TRAINING DEVICES Reflects Robust Growth of Client Intuitive Surgical’s […]
Mass High Tech – The Journal of New England Technology: Chamberlain Group and Baystate Medical Land Organ Grant October 31, 2008 - Friday, October 31, 2008 By Bridget Botelho, Special to Mass High Tech Realistic-looking human tissue is in demand this time of year, not only to stage gruesome scenes at haunted houses but for a more practical reason; to give medical students and residents something to practice on. Great Barrington-based The Chamberlain Group designs and manufactures […]
WAMC: From Hollywood Horror to Hospital Helper October 30, 2008 - SPRINGFIELD MA (WAMC) – A Springfield Massachusetts teaching hospital has teamed up with a medical model maker in Great Barrington to develop a surgical training system…..WAMC”s Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Paul Tuthill reports Listen to the story here. © Copyright 2011, WAMC
WABC Channel 40: New Synthetic Tissue Helping Local Surgeons October 28, 2008 - WABC Channel 40 — “The Chamberlain Group and Baystate Medical collaborated to come up with lifelike human tissue that surgeons can practice on.” The result was our Tactility Surgical Training Kit.
Baystate Medical Center and The Chamberlain Group Receive State Grant to Develop Surgical Training Kit October 28, 2008 - Contact: Emily Dahl, MTC 508-870-0312 x256 Ben Craft, Baystate Medical Center Office: 413-794-1689 Cell: 413-244-8699 David Carriere Media contact for The Chamberlain Group Office: 413 243 6767 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BAYSTATE MEDICAL CENTER AND THE CHAMBERLAIN GROUP RECEIVE STATE GRANT TO DEVELOP SURGICAL TRAINING KIT John Adams Innovation Institute awards $150k for […]
Wall Street Journal Health Blog: Be Still My Fake, Beating Heart June 17, 2008 - June 17, 2008, 11:55 am Posted by Heather Won Tesoriero In the quaint New England town of Great Barrington, Mass., there’s a group of kindly folks who spend their days churning out body parts– from colons to bladders to beating hearts. Sounds like a Stephen King story or maybe even a slasher flick, we know. […] Giving Effects New Life is Lisa Chamberlain’s Model December 1, 2006 - Friday, December 1, 2006 By Helen Graves/Feature Lisa Chamberlain can tell you that when one door closes and another one opens, the new perspective can be much greater than ever imagined. That’s how it is with The Chamberlain Group, a leading supplier of medical models that are anatomically correct – down to the feel of […]
Springfield: Chamberlains Earn Hall of Fame Honor October 5, 2006 - Business briefs 10/5/06 Eric and Lisa Chamberlain, owners of The Chamberlain Group in Great Barrington, will be honored tonight by the Western Massachusetts Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame. Established in 2000, the Hall of Fame is located at the Andrew M. Scibelli Enterprise Center at Springfield Technical Community College. The Chamberlain Group will receive the County […]
Jobs of the Future September 5, 2006 - THE BERKSHIRE EAGLE by Jessica Willis September 21, 2006 What do a venture capitalist, an artistic director of a theater company, a co-creator of an anatomical model design and a production company, and a president of a custom molder firm have in common? They all know that in order to maintain a competitive edge in […]