Beating Heart Compressor 220AC/50Hz (#1204)


Beating Heart Compressor 220AC/50Hz (#1204)


IMPORTANT: The set-up, operation and care of this model are explained herein. To ensure successful use of this model, review and understand instructions thoroughly before use and follow them as described. As many of our materials, particularly those that simulate in vivo tissue, are fragile, they may be sensitive to environmental or handling conditions (i.e. extremes of temperature and humidity) that will affect their ultimate shelf life. To ensure the maximum shelf life possible, please keep all simulated tissue in a temperature-controlled environment and free from exposure to conditions that might cause them to fail. To avoid distorting the tissue surfaces always repack trainer parts in their original packaging without compression by contact with other objects such as devices and instruments. To ensure the longest useful life of the trainer, please handle with care and protect it when shipping or traveling.


The Beating Heart Compressor provides regulated air pressure to the Beating Heart Controller (#1464 or #1463) to animate the Beating Heart.

NOTE To minimize wear, turn off the Beating Heart Controller and Compressor when not in use . Shut down by switching power to OFF on both components; turn back ON as needed.

Refer to the enclosed Manufacture’s Manual for full instructions on maintenance and use of the compressor.


IMPORTANT Ensure the Beating Heart Controller is OFF before connecting it to the Compressor.

Remove the Beating Heart Compressor from its shipping container and plastic bag. Place the Compressor on a level surface.

Connect the air line from Beating Heart Controller to the male quick disconnect fitting (q) located on the back side of the Compressor Regulator.

Powering 220AC/50Hz Compressor

 In 220AC/50Hz regions

Plug Compressor’s electrical cord directly into a 220AC/50Hz wall outlet. Use a plug adaptor (not included) as necessary. DO NOT USE an extension cord.

 In 110AC/60Hz regions

Use of Step Up Transformer (minimum 2000 watts) is required (not included). Plug the Compressor’s electrical cord into the Step Up Transformer. Plug Step Up Transformer’s electrical cord into wall outlet, using a plug adaptor (not included) as necessary. Use of a grounded outlet is recommended. DO NOT USE an extension cord.

Turn On

Turn the On/Off switch to AUTO (clockwise).

Once the Compressor is turned on, the pressure in the storage tank will rise to about 100 psi (visible on pressure gauge (b). The motor will automatically shut off once it reaches this pressure and resume as necessary to maintain pressure.

Confirm that the red Shut-Off Valve is in the “ON” position (as shown).


1) Pull up on the “Push/Lock” knob(k) to unlock it.

2) Set the air pressure by turning the knob clockwise until the needle of the Pressure Gauge reaches the desired pressure on the RED scale

3) Press down on the “Push/Lock” knob to lock pressure setting.

IMPORTANT To prevent damage Do Not Exceed

 70 PSI for Adult Beating Hearts

 60 PSI for Pediatric Hearts

The Compressor is now ready to be used with Beating Heart Controller. Refer to specific Trainer instructions for more detail.


Turn off the power switches on both the Compressor and Beating Heart Controller.

Unplug the Compressor from electrical outlet.

1) Pull up on the “Push/Lock” knob to unlock pressure setting.

2) Gently turn the knob counter- clockwise until Pressure Gauge reads zero on the RED scale.

3) Press down on “Push/Lock” knob to lock.

Disconnect all lines. Return all components to their shipping boxes before shipping or transporting.

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