View of the Fluoroscopic Heart in normal lighting and under fluoroscopy. Surgical Sam Cardiothoracic module detail Renal Denervation anatomical display model illustrating the circulatory system as it pertains to the renal arteries, brain, heart and kidneys. Surgical Sam Cardiothoracic Pediatric Surgical Team Trainer Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery Training session Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery Trainer
The Chamberlain Group produces anatomically accurate medical models with superior visual and experientail realism
July 24, 2015 Surgical Sam Helps Train Boston Children’s Hospital Surgeons- By Jon Christian Globe Correspondent ►link to full article In an op
May 08, 2015 Improved Perfusion Beating Heart- Cannulatable and suturable new beating hear,t offered with CABG sites for off-pump or arrested heart anastomotic proce
May 20, 2015 A Sampling of Videos from our YouTube Channel- Our Products in the Field  

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