Bringing practice to the practice of medicine®

The Chamberlain Group produces anatomically accurate medical models that capture the consistency and response of living tissue, providing the best alternative to animals and cadavers for training in new devices and procedures.

In close collaboration with medical device companies and teaching hospitals in fifty countries, we meet procedural training objectives with clean, smart solutions that illuminate, educate, and differentiate.

Our custom anatomy is recognized worldwide for its superior visual and experiential realism. We also offer a line of existing products for purchase.

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  • Surgical Sam for General Surgery Training (#4094-4096)

    Now Available. The latest addition to our line of interchangeable anatomical modules for Surgical Sam, our groundbreaking Infant Team Trainer.
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  • New VATS Trainers for Explants or
    with Mimetic Lung

    Expanded product line of Right or Left Sided VATS Trainers for use with our Mimetic Lungs or explanted tissue.
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Hollywood-in-Operating-Room Hollywood in the Operating Room, The New York Times, Science Times December 7, 2015 - Surgeons at Massachusetts General Hospital have four minutes to save this gunshot wound victim. So how do residents learn such a risky procedure? With a little help from Hollywood. By EMMA COTT and BEN LAFFIN, Published November 9, 2015. Related Article “Artificial Patients, Real Learning “ By Karen Weintraub, November 9, 2015.

article-1 Surgical Sam Helps Train Boston Children’s Hospital Surgeons July 24, 2015 - By Jon Christian Globe Correspondent In an operating theater deep in Boston Children’s Hospital, surrounded by state-of-the-art medical equipment, a surgical team is on the brink of losing a young patient. Their goal was to locate and repair a perforation in the bowel, but something’s gone wrong: The liver is bleeding uncontrollably, and if they […]