Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery Trainer Surgical Sam Cardiothoracic module detail Surgical Sam Cardiothoracic Pediatric Surgical Team Trainer View of the Fluoroscopic Heart in normal lighting and under fluoroscopy. Renal Denervation anatomical display model illustrating the circulatory system as it pertains to the renal arteries, brain, heart and kidneys. Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery Training session
The Chamberlain Group produces anatomically accurate medical models with superior visual and experientail realism
December 17, 2014 Delivering Big Advances in Baby Steps- Surgical Sam, The World's First Infant Surgical Team Trainer
October 09, 2014 NEW PRODUCTS- Our Latest Offerings include: Perfusion Beating Heart Trainer (#1362) Fluoroscopic Heart (#1396) MICS Mitral CABG
September 14, 2014 TSDA Boot Camp 2014- CHAPEL HILL, NC -- The Chamberlain Group was honored to contribute products for the TSDA Boot Camp 2014, an intensive course

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