VATS Trainer for Explant Left-Side

Accommodates porcine explants for skills development in thoracoscopic lobectomy and lung resection in a realistic human thoracic context for lifelike VATS training.

Derived from patient CT data, the VATS Trainer for Explants Left-Sided is a hemi-thorax with all pertinent landmarks for thoracoscopic lung surgeries. The trainer presents a patient in a lateral decubitus position with exposed anterior and posterior thoracic wall. The replaceable skin/muscle element supports trocars and is comprised of our renowned mimetic tissue. Ribs may be palpated beneath the soft tissue for procedural port placement. The trainer is equipped with a tray to capture tissue effluence and is easily disassembled for cleaning.

Trainer Includes:

Rigid hemi-thorax in lateral decubitus position providing a shoulder landmark and access to the left anterior and posterior thoracic wall
Incisable and replaceable skin/muscle element (#8013), allowing palpation of the ribs for port placement
Hemi-ribcage with retractable ribs, derived from patient CT dataset
Base with diaphragm, spine, and fluid drain
Effluence tray
Shipping case

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