Improved Perfusion Beating Heart

Cannulatable and suturable new beating heart, offered with or without CABG sites for off-pump or arrested heart anastomotic procedures, allows for antegrade cardioplegia introduction. Developed as an upgrade to our Perfusion Beating Heart Trainer.

A highly detailed, mimetic tissue heart model with extended vasculature and accessible atrial appendages, our Cannulatable Larger Beating Heart is sized to represent a typical patient in the clinical population. The Right Atrium and Aorta are suturable, cannulatable and can be easily replaced. A vent in the Aortic Root allows for antegrade cardioplegia introduction. The heart can be provided with CABG sites for off-pump or arrested heart anastomotic procedures.

The Perfusion Beating Heart Trainer as an adjunct to, and informed by, a perfusion simulator, physically reproduces the movement and rhythm of the cardiopulmonary system. It allows control of fluid flow between arterial and venous cannulae as well as air flow and cessation of flow to the lungs. Perfusion Beating Heart Trainer consists of a detailed, mimetic tissue beating heart within an anatomical torso representing a fully retracted sternotomy. Lungs and airway are also included.

The visual and tactile stimuli our trainer provides aim to improve clinical skills retention in trainees. Interaction between the surgical team, anesthesiologist and perfusionist in this real-time, immersive learning experience fosters the development of teamwork and communication skills along with clinical facility.

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