MICS Mitral CABG Heart

MICS Mitral CABG Heart (#1390)

Our new MICS Mitral CABG Heart is designed to provide a realistic environment and access for minimally invasive mitral valve and CABG procedures. With three left atrium options (with a prolapsed posterior mitral leaflet, with or without chordae, and papillary muscles, or with a healthy mitral leaflet) this heart is our most immersive solution to date for mitral valve repair and annular ring placement with appropriate pathologies. Replaceable left atria are held to the heart magnetically, making rapid exchange possible. The MICS Mitral CABG Heart is designed specifically for use with our MICS Thorax. The CABG sites are compatible with all our native coronaries and graft vessels for MIS bypass practice.

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Developed from patient CT data, this is the most realistic mimetic thorax available for MICS procedures. Replaceable right and left chest wall panels contain ribs 4 through 8 embedded in tissue to accommodate ports, incisions and the use of rib spreaders. Replaceable IMAs allow the learner to perform thoracoscopic takedown and grafting.Includes lungs (inflated and collapsed), diaphragm, and a heart with pericardium.The MICS Thorax accepts a variety of our hearts, both beating and non-beating.