Lisa Chamberlain Keynote Speaker at Science & Engineering Fair

iBerkshires, Monday March 11, 2019
Region 1 Science Fair Encourages Student Research

Lisa Chamberlain delivered the keynote address to aspiring students at Western Massachusetts Region 1 High School Science & Engineering Fair.  The event was held in the Amsler Campus Center at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts on March 9th. Chamberlain spoke on the importance of taking chances and the how the synchronicity between fields of thought fuels innovation.

“The great doctors and the great engineers know that the boxes that are divided up provide definition but that reaching beyond the boxes and making those connections between seemingly disparate topics, using their wit and their guts,… [this] is what sets them apart from their peers,…”



MICS Thorax and MICS Mitral CABG Hearts Brochure

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Realistic Mimetic Anatomy for Deliberate Practice of MICS CABG and MIS Mitral Valve Procedures

  • Intercostal or Sub-Xiphoid Approach
  • Thoracoscopic IMA Takedown
  • Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting
  • Mitral Valve Repair or Replacement
  • Annuloplasty

MICS Thorax Trainer anatomy was developed from patient CT data and is the most immersive
simulation trainer available for MICS mitral valve and CABG procedures.
Replaceable chest walls contain flexible ribs (4–8), with appropriate intercostal spaces, embedded in
mimetic tissue. Chest walls support incision, device placement, and the use of MICS rib spreaders. Hearts
tether magnetically to diaphragm and collapsed lungs to maintain appropriate anatomical relationships
within the thoracic cavity. The trainer base accommodates multi-angle positioning.

MICS Mitral CABG Hearts and Beating Hearts
Present an immersive solution with appropriate pathologies for mitral valve repair, annular ring
placement, and anastomosis. They feature Replaceable: Left Atria, CABG sites, and Pericardia to
allow repeatable trainings with fresh anatomy and years of use with a single heart.

See brochure for more details.

Trauma Thoracotomy Live Product Demonstration

apllying pressure to wound Trauma Surgery Thoracotomy Trainer

The Chamberlain Group’s Trauma Thoracotomy simulator was deployed for a live demonstration of resuscitative thoracotomy at the Essentials of Emergency Medicine / EMCrit conference January 31, 2018 in New York City.

Dr. Chris Hicks, an emergency physician specialist and faculty speaker, performed the live procedural demonstration. The conference was organized and hosted by Dr. Scott Weingart an emergency physician and critical care specialist who is also the host of the very popular EMCrit podcast.

The entire conference was live streamed as well as being available On Demand for digital subscribers.

Essentials of EMCrit will bring together several of the world’s experts in the field of resuscitation, including top clinicians at the cutting edge of translating research into clinical practice. The best of the best, together for one day that will teach, inspire, and change the way you think about resuscitation and critical care.”

EEMCrit essentials of EMCrit Jan 31, 2018

Developed in collaboration with Dr. Marc de Moya and Mass General Hospital, our TraumaThoracotomy Trainer provides an immersive training environment for residents to develop crisis response skills without compromising patient safety. Learn More

TSDA Boot Camp 2017

2017 TSDA Boot Camp was held Sept. 14-17, 2017 in Chapel Hill, NC.

As an ongoing contributor to TSDA Boot Camp The Chamberlain Group is always delighted to hear news of another successful program. We would also like to offer a hearty Congratulations! on the program’s 10th anniversary. TSDA Boot Camp provides incoming residents with an experiential foundation and hands-on practice in basic cardiothoracic operating skills so that they are better prepared to enter the CT surgery operating room at their home programs.

Understanding that success in medical training hinges on tools that are as functional, durable, and accessible—as they are anatomically accurate—is central to The Chamberlain Group’s approach.

The Heart Cases we supplied to TSDA Boot Camp 2017 were originally developed by The Chamberlain Group in collaboration with TSDA Boot Camp Program Director Dr. James I. Fann, MD. Dr. Fann is a pioneer in the field of immersive and simulation learning and Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery at the Stanford University Medical Center. He approached us with the premise that limited exposure and visualization, compounded by technical complexity, had adversely affected resident training in mitral valve surgery. With this in mind he envisioned a heart trainer that was anatomically accurate and compact enough for travel. The Chamberlain Group delivered, designing and manufacturing Heart Case as a portable, safe, and cost-effective training platform for repeat and deliberate practice in basic cardiac operative skills. Heart Case: Case Study

In the years since it’s inception we continue to evolve this product as opportunities arise, developing:


Life-like Hearts with Replaceable Coronary Vessels Allow Cardiac Residents Repeat Practice of Anastomosis


CABG HEARTS for Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Training

CABG sites in the epicardium of mimetic-tissue heart

Suturable artery segments embedded in the epicardium of our CABG Hearts allow repeat practice of coronary vessel anastomosis.

Results may be preserved and presented to mentoring faculty for review and progress assessment. Each of these Native Coronary Artery segments may be used a number of times and then replaced, allowing years of training with a single heart. All our CABG Hearts are realistic soft heart models with  highly detailed exteriors, extended vasculature and lifelike atrial appendages.

Replacement Native Coronary Vessels and suturable Graft Vessels (representing a harvested internal mammary arteries or saphenous veins) are available in a number of different durometers and diameters.



feature a detailed interior consisting of four hollow chambers with ventricular septum, trabeculations and papillary muscles. Annuli for the four heart valves are present. Does not include valve leaflets.


is a durable option for procedures not requiring access to the heart chambers. These models feature soft, solid-filled ventricles and atria, extended aorta, inferior and superior vena cavae, pulmonary arteries and veins, and atrial appendages.


our patented Beating Heart technology accurately simulates systole/diastole and allow control of heart rate. These hearts require, and are animated by, our Beating Heart Controller and a regulated source of compressed air. (Wall air, if regulated to 70 psi, may be used.)


indicates the product package includes a Beating Heart Controller and an Air Compressor.


represents a patient of average body type (adult about 5’7″ [170 cm] or less). Heart is approximately 5″ [127 mm]atria to apex X 3.5″ [89 mm] wide X 3″ [76 mm] anterior to posterior.


represents a patient with a larger body type (adult over 5’8″ [173 cm]). Heart is approximately 8″ [210 mm] from atria to apex X 4.5″ [114 mm] wide X 4″ [102 mm] anterior to posterior.


designed for use in our MICS Thorax Trainer to provide a realistic environment and access for minimally invasive mitral valve repair, annular ring placement, and CABG procedures. Replaceable Left Atria feature options for delicate Prolapsed Mitral Valves with (or without) Chordae and Papillaries, or healthy valves.


feature replaceable and suturable Right Atria and Aortas which accept cannulae placement, suturing, and pressurized fluid flow to 180 mm-Hg. Aorta is configured to allow cross-clamping and antegrade cardioplegia introduction.


suturable, replaceable Native Coronary Artery segments embedded in the epicardium of a CABG Heart—allow repeat practice
of coronary vessel anastomosis.



Heart (Patent) with CABG Sites (#1253)

Heart (Non-patent) with CABG Sites (#1260)

CABG Beating Heart (#1295)

CABG Beating Heart with Ancillary (#1339)

Larger Adult CABG Beating Heart (#1431)

Larger Adult CABG Beating Heart w/ Ancillary (#1450)

MICS Mitral CABG Heart (#1390)

MICS Mitral CABG Beating Heart (#1427)

MICS Mitral CABG Beating Heart w/ Ancillary (#1413)

MICS Mitral Larger Adult CABG Heart (#1406)

MICS Mitral Larger Adult CABG Beating Heart w/ Ancillary (#1407) 

MICS Mitral Larger Adult CABG Beating Heart (#1412)

Cannulatable Larger Beating Heart + CABG Sites (#1451)

Cannulatable Larger Heart + CABG Sites (#1455)


ECMO Simulation with Perfusion Beating Heart Trainer

Dr. David Grant demonstrates sternotomy, retraction, and cannulation on The Chamberlain Group’s Perfusion Beating Heart Trainer (#1362) and Retractable Sternum. This video was part of  Dr. Grant’s keynote address Collaborative Frameworks Improving Healthcare at IPSSW 2017.

Our patient mannekin, paired with a Perfusion Simulation System such as Califia or Orpheus™, offers a fully immersive, high-fidelity, point-of-care ECMO simulation for CPB team training. In collaboration with Dr. Grant we have been extending the capabilities of the trainer and continue to explore opportunities to expand its range.

Product Details

Perfusion Beating Heart Trainer Brochure

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Complete Your Team and Bring the Virtual Patient Off the Screen for Emergent Cardiopulmonary Bypass Training. Our Perfusion Beating Heart Trainer with Cannulatable Beating Heart makes physical the physiological data expressed by your Perfusion Simulator, reproducing the movement and rhythm of the patient’s cardiopulmonary system within a ventilateable and operative anatomical torso.


Pocket Vessel Anastomosis Trainer Brochure

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Developed in conjunction with the Thoracic Surgery Directors Association (TSDA), the Pocket Vessel Anastomosis Trainer provides surgical learners with a platform for deliberate practice of anastomotic skills in a safe, repeatable environment. This compact and convenient Trainer fits into the resident’s lab coat pocket and can be used outside of the simulation lab environment.

Made in the Berkshires: Special effects wizardry makes medical models. The Berkshire Eagle

Lisa Chamberlain, the vice president/managing partner of The Chamberlain Group, stands next to Surgical Sam, an elastic replica of a 14-month child the
(photo by Stephanie Zollshan — The Berkshire Eagle)

“…. Eric and Lisa Chamberlain, the husband and wife team who make their home in Stockbridge, founded the business in 1999. In fact, their company had a Hollywood beginning — like, right out of the movies — after adapting techniques they learned creating special effects for the film industry.

The Chamberlain Group works with more than 100 medical device companies and teaching and working hospitals that include Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Albany (N.Y.) Medical Center, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, and Columbia and Stanford universities.

It’s unusual work. They have competitors, but the Chamberlains created a business genre basically from scratch. Thus, The Chamberlain Group’s 23 employees, which include the couple’s daughter, Halli, a Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts graduate, come from diverse backgrounds.”

It’s a testament to their perceptive leadership and very fine-tuned marketing forces and strategy…. They went from a locally based business to a national reputation and now an international reputation. That’s a trajectory that we’ve hoped for many businesses to have here.

Keith Girouard, Regional Director of the Massachusetts Small Business Development Center, Pittsfield, MA

>> Photo Gallery

>> Full Article

Repeat Practice Yields Repeated Success for TSDA Bootcamp 2016


The Chamberlain Group Contributes to TSDA Bootcamp
for 7th Consecutive Year and Overwhelming Success

“The TSDA achieved its goal of providing incoming residents with an experiential foundation and hands-on practice in basic cardiothoracic operating skills so that they are better prepared to enter the CT surgery operating room at their home programs. The Chamberlain Group’s role as an equipment supplier and exhibitor was essential to the program’s overwhelming success, and its support is deeply appreciated.”

Students from 40 different residency programs participated in the TSDA Bootcamp, a four day intensive introduction to the fundamentals of cardiothoracic surgery. These sessions allowed residents one-on-one interactions with highly dedicated faculty from across the country. Use of simulators for both the cardiac and thoracic sessions provided a platform for skills assessment, initial training, and a basis for ongoing deliberate practice. TSDA Boot Camp Program Directors this year included Drs. George Hicks, James Fann, Richard Feins, Jon Nesbitt, and Nahush Mokadam.

Visit the TSDA website for details on this year’s Boot Camp courses and more photos of the event.

Chamberlain Group Receives AIM “Massachusetts Next Century” Award

aim-lord-and-chamberlains_crIn recognition of their contributions to the region’s economy The Chamberlain Group received a Next Century Award from the Associated Industries of Massachusetts. Lisa and Eric Chamberlain joined other local area industry leaders at a reception at Interprint Inc., Pittsfield MA.

“AIM created the Next Century Award to honor the accomplishments of companies and individuals creating a new era of economic opportunity for the people of Massachusetts. These remarkable people and institutions – world leaders in their fields – inspire the rest of us by exemplifying the intelligence, hard work and dedication to success that has built our commonwealth,” said Richard C. Lord, President and Chief Executive Officer of AIM.


>> Full Berkshire Eagle Article — Berkshire Business That Are Aiming High

> Full AIM Press Release “AIM Honors 16 Companies & Individuals with Next Century Awards”

“How does a group of high-end visual effects professionals working in movies and television end up improving the quality of medical care for millions of people?

If you’re The Chamberlain Group in Great Barrington, you use your visual effects wizardry to make mimetic organs for surgical and interventional training.

Chamberlain’s life-like organs are used in the sophisticated simulation labs that medical schools, hospitals and medical device makers employ to train surgeons. The company’s mission is to “bring practice to the practice of medicine.”

The Chamberlain Group’s products are sold to more than 150 medical-device manufacturers and teaching institutions in 50 countries, including Russia and India, Asia and the Middle East, and in virtually all 50 states domestically. Their client list includes Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, Cleveland Clinic, Lahey Clinic, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, the Mayo Clinic, and NASA.

Berkshire Business Quarterly magazine said, “The Chamberlain Group’s design ingenuity has been a breakthrough for the medical community. Models look, weigh, and feel just like real living tissue and provide a better training device than a cadaver, animal, or lesser-realized product would.”

Eric and Lisa Chamberlain launched The Chamberlain Group in 1999 after working for New York design firms that made miniature models and special visual effects for films ranging from Gandhi, Tootsie, and The Big Chill to Ghostbusters, Predator and Woody Allen’s Zelig. Medical schools and device manufacturers were beginning to move away from cadavers and animals in their training programs and the Chamberlains saw opportunity in the burgeoning simulation business.

It was a textbook case of nimble entrepreneurs adapting skills from one industry to a seemingly unrelated one. The result is a thriving enterprise with 23 employees working in an 8,500-square-foot design and manufacturing facility.”



Overcoming Hurdles to High Tech Success in the Berkshires

The Berkshire Edge

Lack of broadband, training, transportation pose challenges for high-tech Berkshire firm

by Heather Bellow

Democratic state Senate candidate Adam Hinds visited The Chamberlain Group recently and spoke with Lisa Chamberlain to learn more about the challenges facing high tech businesses based in Berkshire County. Continue reading “Overcoming Hurdles to High Tech Success in the Berkshires”

The Chamberlain Group Wins “Exporter of the Year” Award from the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Massachusetts and North East Region Offices

BOSTON – The Small Business Administration (SBA) has named The Chamberlain Group the 2016 Exporter of the Year for Massachusetts and New England.

“Lisa and Eric Chamberlain are saving lives with the products they create in the medical simulation industry,” said Robert Nelson, SBA Massachusetts District Director. “By working with the MSBDC and Massachusetts Export Center, they are connecting with new customers all over the globe and establishing an international distribution network throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Mexico.” read more

20160512_SBA New England award Exporter of 2016_0006_1adj

Thank you for the honor of representing the Commonwealth and the region as your exporter of the year honoree. We were delighted to be nominated and to have been chosen for recognition.

I’ve been thinking about exporting – and it strikes me that it’s very much like another international endeavor – travel. When we decide to take our product to an international market, we encounter many of the same things we do when we travel internationally – different languages, different cultures, new customs, new expectations. It’s a little odd at first, and sometimes a little intimidating, but if we are fortunate, both in travel and exporting, these are eye opening moments that expand our world and our world view. They broaden us. They broaden our employees. They broaden our businesses. They give us the opportunity to bring what we have to offer to a new market that may not have known what we produce was available or even possible.

And as with all good travel, a great guide helps. So I would like to thank Sue Mongue of the MSBDC and Ann Pieroway and her colleagues of the Massachusetts Exporting Center for their steady and steadfast guidance of The Chamberlain Group on our adventure into the unknown. Ann, your support has been unwavering and most deeply appreciated.

Thank you.

—Lisa Chamberlain, VP/Managing Partner

Artificial Patients, Real Learning. The New York Times, Health

By Karen Weintraub

“BOSTON — The patient’s blood pressure had reportedly crashed in the ambulance; a gunshot wound had damaged the heart. In the operating room, a medical resident, Dr. Dan Hashimoto, slid a knife into the patient’s chest and sliced horizontally, from the sternum across the torso.

He thrust his hand into the gash, grasped the beating heart and squeezed

>> Full Article

TSDA Anastomosis Tutorial

by Top Gun Cardiothoracic

Dr. Fann of Stanford University demonstrates the practice of vessel anastomosis on a Vessel Anastomosis Trainer* from The Chamberlain Group. This Trainer was developed under the guidance of the Thoracic Surgery Director’s Association (TSDA) and Dr. Fann. This instructional video (from Top Gun Cardiothoracic) is designed to assist surgical residents with the acquisition and refinement of needle handling techniques and anastomotic skills.

*NOTE: This is an earlier version of the trainer and is no longer available. Our Pocket Vessel Anastomis Trainer (#1389) differs from the one in the video only in that it has a clear cover and lacks side-arms.